Deep Dish was founded in 2014 following the establishment of the Crystal Palace Beach Volleyball Club by Team GB player Jake Sheaf.


After the London 2012 Olympics, the capital benefitted from the Olympic sand being dispersed to numerous different permanent locations. One of these locations was the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. 


Seeing a demand for beach volleyball clubs growing, Jake began to put a club structure in place at the courts. This quickly grew and is now one of the most popular beach clubs in the country with over 120 regular members training weekly and hundreds more visiting the courts on a more social basis. 


Not wanting to be confined to one area and with a passion to share this amazing sport with the whole country, Jake set out to make beach volleyball more accessible to the whole nation. 


This is where Deep Dish was born!

Lewie Lett was appointed Deep Dish's head coach and with his passion and knowledge of the game he ran an extremely successful training programme for the inaugral Portugal 2015 camp. This camp then led to many other events and training camps over the years and has now firmly put Deep Dish as a leading provider of beach volleyball in the UK.


None of this would have been possible without the drive, loyalty and enthusiasm of some key individuals : Mark Garcia-Kidd, Chris Gregory, Mandy Sheaf, Sophie Baker and many more. Deep Dish takes pride in

every event it runs and will always be thankful for the players that make it such an awesome community to be a part of and ultimately a huge Deep Dish family. 


Jake continues to travel around the world competing in many different international and domestic events for Team England. Every event or camp he goes to he brings back ideas for the Deep Dishers to experience. Deep Dish will continue to push the boundaries and take beach volleyball to a new era in the UK and beyond!


Beach Volleyball experienced its golden era in the 1990's with popularity, financial investment and number of events being  at an all time high!


However, the Deep Dish concept originates from the birthplace of beach volleyball, California USA. During this period the top athletes were superstars and had every opportunity to prove it at many different national and international events. The players showcased their individual personalities through emotional outbursts and neon clothing! (This is where the pink and blue of Deep Dish comes from).


The events that were run would allow the crowd to get up close and personal and feel the heat of battle. A lot of times stands weren't used and hundred and thousands of people would line the courts with deck chairs just to get a glimpse of this fast action sport. Crowds would heckle the players, music would be playing and all of this would create one of the best atmospheres to play in. 


With the rules not at the level that they are today, one move became very distinctive to this period. Whilst players were setting, they were allowed to almost catch the ball, bring it down low beneath their chin and then release it to set their partner up. This specific type of set was called a DEEP DISH!


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