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Looking to take your first step onto the UKBT?

Look no further! start your journey as a UKBT player at our Junior events. You'll earn points and start to make you mark on tour!

We run U17, U15 (2 a side), and U15 (4 a side) competitions. In addition we run the biggest and best junior competition in the UK, at Sandbanks. 

You'll need a valid UKBT Junior Membership to register for these events. 


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U17 Tour

Our U17 single gender tournaments are the pinnacle of junior beach volleyball in the UK


U17 is an awesome development step for you to hone your Beach Volleyball skills before graduating to the UKBT Senior Tour.


U15 Tier 1

This is a perfect introduction to the 2 a side game as young athletes develop their skills. 

This category is perfect for young athletes moving from 4 a side competition and preparing them for the pinnacle of junior volleyball, U17 2 a side competition. 


U15 Tier 2
(4 a Side)

The perfect introdution to competitive beach volleyball.


U15 Tier 2's is a fantastic way to take everything practiced in training to competitions. Bigger teams ensure longer rallies, more touches, and more teammates to celebrate a with!!

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