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5 Things I Love About Being a Beach Volleyball Dog

It happens doesn’t it? You see one of us, and all of a sudden you’re speaking a whole new language, in a high pitched voice, none of which makes sense to anyone. But who cares? I’ll jump all over you, kiss you and more than likely bring you a toy or some trash I found at the beach for you to throw for me.

Most of you know me as Luna, the Deep Dish dog. You might have seen me down the beach, or just photos of me being a nutcase on social media. I’m always super excited, usually digging holes, chasing balls or diving around in the sea. I have the BEST life. And here’s some of my favourite things about being a beach volleyball dog.

1. Travel

My parents love me that much, they take me on holiday with them. I don’t see people taking their cats on holiday, do you?

2. Fuss

I get attention. All. The. Time. And it’s the best. I want to say hello to everyone and everyone to say hello to me. And that’s fine; because statistics show that 44% of people would rather cuddle up with me than with their partner!

3. Dig, dig, dig, dig, digging….

It’s an endless fortress of hole digging opportunities. I gotta find that treasure. Though I apologise in advance if the treasure is in what you would consider the wrong place… Though I’m a great help when setting up courts! I worked extra hard in Portugal as we had 40 posts to dig in!

4. I love me to photobomb, you love me to photobomb.

What can I say? I’m a natural.

5. I can poop anywhere…

…and no one will get mad. The middle of the court is the PERFECT place, trust me. Us dogs have to align with the earth’s magnetic field, it’s a proven fact and it’s totally worth it!

Anyway, got to run....there's a tennis ball calling my name and it cannot wait.

Big love, Luna


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