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It's coming at us quickly... BUCS Beach Champs 2024!

We're so excited to be hosting the BUCS Beach Champs on June 6th & 7th, and with less than a month to, we hope you're all fully in BUCS prep mode! If you don't know where to begin... don't panic, we're here for you!

Check out our 7 ways to get ready for BUCS and our discounts to help get you there on a student friendly budget!

1. Get student discounted training sessions at our clubs

Sign up with your partner or with your teams at one of our clubs (St Albans, Bournemouth or Crystal Palace). We run weekly training sessions for Intermediates to advanced and are running a student discount at all of our clubs for you all!

2. Sign up for tournaments to get competitive training in

We run UK Beach Tour tournaments every weekend at our different clubs as well and have a student discount code for anyone looking to get some competitive training in before then!



19th May: UKBT 1* - Mixed Series | ST ALBANS

25th May: UKBT 3* Gladiator Series | BOURNEMOUTH

26th May: UKBT 1* - Mixed Series | CRYSTAL PALACE

26th May: UKBT 2* - Contender Series | ST ALBANS

1st June: UKBT 2* - Contender Series | BOURNEMOUTH

2nd June: UKBT 3* Gladiator Series | CRYSTAL PALACE

3. Join our intensive one-day Clinic with Coach Niko Gleed | May 26th in Bournemouth

We've got our final elite level coaching clinic of the year, just in time before BUCS Beach! Join us in Bournemouth with Team ENG Niko Gleed to get the ultimate coaching session in with your partner and get a feel for the sand it will all take place at in a few weeks!

4. Buy a ball with our Wilson discount code!

The BUCS Beach Volleyball Champs are sponsored by Wilson Volleyball, and they've provided a discount code so you can all buy equipment to practice with before BUCS Champs, and for the rest of the summer!


You can secure the discount for an individual ball or a bulk purchase for your entire club!

5. Hire a court for a private training session at our venues

If you don't have any beach courts at your uni (which most universities don't unfortunately have), you are welcome to book a court (or book in weekly sessions) at one of our clubs leading up to BUCS to get extra training in and get a feel for your sand legs!

Our Bournemouth courts are open to the public & do not require booking!

6. Set up a pre-BUCS University tournament at one of our clubs

If you guys are keen to get a bit more competitive training in, and would be interested in setting up an inter-univeristy tournament at one of our clubs on a Weds afternoon for example, feel free to drop us an email at info(@) and we'd happily help you organise!

7. Secure a partner for the Mixed 2v2s or Mixed 4s on Day 2

No shade to any of you... but this is just the way the tournament works, that some of you may not make it through the pool stages to compete on Day 2, but that's a-okay!! BECAUSE that means you can compete in the (arguably more fun) Deep Dish Mixed 2s and Mixed 4s tournament that will be running alongside BUCS Day 2!

Get signed up asap before the tournaments sell out!

That's all on offer from us, now it's up to you to get some training in and prepare yourself for an EPIC weekend in Sandbanks where we are sure to bring the insane Tour vibes back!

We hope this helps you get prepared for BUCS a bit better, and we can't wait to see you out there!

Much love,

The Deep Dish Gang


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