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We have launched our official calendar of one-day Coaching Clinics for 2024, and are so excited to be bringing in some of your favourite elite level coaches for an exceptional day of learning on the sand. However, we thought it would be useful to explain what the Coaching Clinics are and why you should join us!

issa batrane beach volleyball coaching clinic


If you consistently join our training sessions, free play sessions or tournaments but are looking to take your skills to the next level, our clinics are the way to do that. The Deep Dish Coaching Clinics bring our famous Vacations coaches and vibes to our home. We will help you fine tune and accelerate the development of your skills within the focused sessions with our specialist coaches.


Due to the smaller nature of the groups, a big benefit of the clinic is the 1-1 focus you'll get from the coach, with applicable and specific points of improvement.

Each Clinic will start with two 1.5hr sessions, session 1's focus will be Passing & Setting and looking at refining those fundamentals that make players consistent and successful. Session 2 will be attacking & defence focused, learning how to score points effectively and make digs. Lastly, we'll put everything together in a 2hr session full of competitive situational game play. It promises to cover all those details that help players make big strides forward in there game.


These clinics are for intermediate/advanced players only, as they cover more advanced skills within beach volleyball.

You will be split into groups of max 8 people per court so you get consistent touches and play throughout the day. You can sign up as a group or as an individual!



Sun 18th February 2024 | Coach Mark Garcia-Kidd - Limited Spaces Left

Sun 3rd March 2024 | Coach Issa Batrane - Limited Spaces Left

Sun 24th March 2024 | Coach Mark Garcia-Kidd


Sun 13th April 2024 | Coach Victoria Palmer

Sun 25th May 2024 | Coach Niko Gleed

Sun 29th June 2024 | Coach TBD

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