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The Club Champs are back and happening on the 8/9th June. Deep Dish Crystal Palace is looking to retain the title as the best beach volleyball club in the UK ;)

We will be hosting an 8 team qualifier for Men's & Women's teams on Sunday 28th April, where two teams will win the chance to represent us in the UKBT Club Championship top competition (Championship Division). We are super excited about this competition and look forward to seeing some of our most loyal club members compete against some of our best club coaches for a chance to represent us.

Entry will be based on the following criteria:

All teams (Both players) must be associated with the club to be eligible for the tournament

  • Coaches must of coaches within a 2 month period and delivered 4 sessions (These sessions include, Adult & Junior Club, Tournament and/or Social organizer, Private Sessions)

  • Players/Members are classified as those who have attended 4 club sessions within the last 6 weeks (this only includes Adult Club, Private sessions during Adult club & Club socials, not tournament entry or court hire) or 20 sessions over the last 180 days. 

  • Juniors players that are registered with Deep Dish are exempt from the above but will either compete for a wildcard or enter via UKBT ranking

  • Wildcards will be the only exception to this criteria

Two Spots Reserved for most dedicated Club Members

Two Main draw spots will be awarded to two teams with the highest registered attendance throughout the last 365 days. (Both Players must adhere to the above)

Two Wildcard Spots

A maximum of 2 wildcards per gender may be awarded for the main draw. 1 from the tournament organizer and 1 for a Junior team. If the organizer does not allocate these wildcards then the next best ranked team via UKBT Ranking will take part.

Remaining teams will be placed into a reserve list.

Remaining Main draw sports

Teams/Players that adhere to the above eligibility criteria will be ranked according to their UKBT seeding points (top 4 results in the past 365 days). These teams will fill the remaining 4/5/6 spots left in the main draw if no wildcards are awarded. 

UKBT Membership

  • For this tournament a valid UKBT Membership isn't required

  • Teams that qualify will need to have a valid UKBT Membership within 2 weeks of the tournament conclusion or will be replaced by another player


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