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We’re a bit bigger and older, but Deep Dish are going back to school! We’re bringing Team England and GB athletes to local schools, to put on some awesome, free sessions!

We believe in doing our bit to grow volleyball in the UK, so we’re aiming to spread the love and come visit schools around the local area.


South East London 


February 2022


We would be delighted to bring volleyball to your school, FREE OF CHARGE!

Our Deep Dish coaches will come into your school and deliver a fantastic volleyball taster session. Your pupils will get the chance to meet current and former England & Great Britain players who have competed internationally in Commonwealth Games, World Championships, European Games, World Tour & more.




During the visit, our aim will be to engage as many young people as possible in a fun and engaging session. Our coaches will set up the equipment and take the young people through a series of drills and games.

In our delivery, we hope to improve:

  • Technical and soft skills

  • Physical activity levels

  • Confidence in the game

  • A love for movement

  • The accessibility of volleyball in the local community

  • The diversity of sports that children and young people have access to in their lives

In addition to this, we’d love to upskill PE teachers to deliver fantastic volleyball sessions!


After each of these sessions we will extend invitations for each member of the class to join us at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We believe our facility and calibre of staff presents a truly unique and exciting opportunity for all.



We have a great track record of developing and supporting international beach volleyball athletes as well as recreational players from junior age.

Our Approach?

We cultivate passion for the sport first and foremost. For some, that translates into competitive sport, and for others, recreational sport. This approach results in healthy relationships with sport throughout their lives, which is a dream for any parent!

Our coaches all have stories to tell. Stories of resilience, success, failure and determination to name a few. During the visit our coaches will endeavour to communicate some core values and lessons throughout.

Should you have time and availability, we would love for one of our coaches to speak in an assembly and give your pupils an insight into the life of an elite athlete who has had the honour of competing for their country.

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