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The Deep Dish Super Series is a step up in playing level from the Deep Dish Beach Series. The 4-Star will prove a challenge for those wanting to push their game to the next level and vital events to pick up valuable UKBT ranking points. 

UKBT Star Rating

  • 4-Star

Timings (approx)

  • Saturday : 9am - 7pm 

  • Sunday : 9am - 5pm


  • Boscombe Beach, Bournemouth


  • Saturday : Pool play

  • Sunday : Single elimination

  • Maximum 16 teams per gender

  • Minimum 3 games per team

  • Full FIVB Scoring​ (21, 21, 15)


  • £40 per team 

Additional Info

  • Music all day

  • Prize money and medals for finalists

  • BBQ (selected events only)

  • Deep Dish clothing available to purchase


  • 15th - 16th June - Bournemouth

Entry Rules

  • Entry deadline: Monday prior to event

  • If more than 16 entries are received, the top ranked 16 teams following entry deadline will be awarded a place in the event. The remaining teams will be placed on a reserve list

  • Teams will be informed of the final entry list via email

  • Up to 2 wildcards may be awarded at the discression of Deep Dish. In this instance the top 14 or 15 seeded teams will be awarded a place in the event (dependant on number of wildcards used -if any)

All Deep Dish events are part of the UK Beach Tour (UKBT). In order to compete in a Deep Dish event, you must hold a valid UKBT membership. Memberships can be obtained via the link below. Make sure you get one prior to entering a Deep Dish event. 


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