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Welcome to the Deep Dish Crystal Palace!

We are a fun and inclusive beach volleyball club located at our very own inland beach facility in Crystal Palace, London. We offer organised classes, socials and tournaments for all levels and ages of player! Over 750 players regularly attend our club sessions and we could not be happier to welcome new faces throughout the year.


Whether you're a Complete Beginner or an Experienced Expert, we have classes for every level.  


Classes are led by our awesome Deep Dish coaches, who will take you through a series of drills and game play to improve your skills and knowledge of beach volleyball. 


Our socials are fun, light hearted and just generally a great vibe! 

Players will play with lots of different partners, meet new players and have a great time in a friendly atmosphere. Music throughout the session and order of play is controlled by a staff member.


We host a variety of tournaments for all levels of player. Tournaments are run by a staff member and include music all day & great prizes.


During the Summer we run UK Beach Tour tournaments and in the Winter we run our Deep Dish Winter Series.

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Club Training


Our goal is to provide everyone at a class the most enjoyable, effective session possible. As a result, you should feel comfortable with the level of your group, and should be able to execute the skills or show knowledge of the concepts we work on, at the level determined by our coaches. Take a look at the levels below to see which classes are most suitable for you.

Training classes range from £10 - £12 PAYG or you can purchase credit passes which makes each session around 30% cheaper. 


Players who are complete newbies to the sport or have under 1 year experience in playing volleyball regularly. Players will practice the basic skills and get used to moving and jumping in the sand. 


Players who have over 2 years experience in regularly playing and can consistently demonstrate the technique for key skills. Players will understand game play but may not necessarily be able to hold a long rally.  


Players who have 5 years or more of experience and regularly play on a weekly basis. Players should be able to compete in tournaments and demonstrate a detailed understanding of the tactics of beach volleyball.


Players who have over 8 years of experience in regularly playing and compete in high level tournaments. Players will have an in depth understanding of tactics and be able to execute consistently. 


Our social sessions aim to get people across the beach volleyball community connecting over their shared passion! These are organised by a member of staff to ensure everybody gets their fair share of court time.


On selected weeknights we run game play social sessions. 


Formats will vary throughout the year and we are sure you will have a great time competing in a fun and friendly environment.


Sign up as an individual and we take care of the rest! 


Weekend social sessions for all levels. Come along as a group, or as individuals.


Meet, play with and against lots of different players. Chill out in the lounge between games and hang out in a great atmosphere with non-stop funky music!

Staff will arrange the order of play, to enable plenty of gameplay for everyone.


Club Socials
Book Now


Click the link below to access our live booking system. Here you can view the live timetable and book on to classes by either Pay As You Go or 31 day pass.

Pay As You Go

£8 - £12 per session

31 Day Pass

The 31 day pass costs you £60 and £85 worth of credit will be deposited into your booking account. This means you can access sessions at two thirds of the price. Credit can be used on Club sessions and Court hire. Credit must be used within 31 days of purchase.

By booking with Deep Dish you agree to our terms & conditions, Click HERE for T&C's

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