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We are bigger than just an individual player or a team. Team Deep Dish is a concept that brings together like minded athletes who are aspiring to reach their highest level possible in beach volleyball, and are willing to push each other in order to do so. Our foundations are built on the simple yet essential idea of creating high level training environments on a daily basis for athletes to get better.

Team Deep Dish was founded in 2012 when Chris Gregory & Jake Sheaf teamed up with coach Lewie Lett with an aspiration to compete against the best in the world and carve a pathway for the next generation that showed funding was not a barrier to be the best you could be. A shared passion and resilience is all that is required.

Now Team Deep Dish has grown and we not only help players fulfil their potential but also mentor them through everyday challenges and provide them with opportunities to deliver amazing sessions, camps and events for the wider Deep Dish community. 

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