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Our two Indoor Volleyball U15 Boys teams are coming home with an outstanding result after Round 2 of the London Grand Prix Competition

This past weekend we had our two Indoor U15 Boys teams take their next steps in the top level of junior competition and made Deep Dish very proud with their growth as a team and as individual players.

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 U15 Boys teams came home with some convincing wins against their fellow London Clubs, having had another fun and competitive experience. Our U15 Tier 1 Boys topped their pool and secured their place in the final 8s with a chance to compete for the title, and the Tier 2 U15 Boys coming in a fantastic 6th Place.

Tier 1 U15 Boys | Gold Medal

The U15 Boys started the day off with a difficult loss, however came back super strong and massively improved in their next two hames where they went on to defeat both U15 Richmond teams. One of which has been unbeaten for three years! They performed incredibly well the entire time and remained a tight-knit team. They came home having topped their pool in the second Grand Prix, and are now training for the final 8s, where they have a shot at winning the title.

Coach Amber Davis said: "They have made the club very proud and they should all be proud of themselves. I can't wait to watch how they continue to grow as players and help develop the future of volleyball in England."

Tier 2 U15 Boys | Bronze Medal

The Deep Dish Tier 2 boys squad travelled to East London for this months Grand Prix. Up against 7 strong teams from Sideout, London Lynx, Malory Eagles and Worthing - the U15 Tier 2 Deep Dish Boys started strong with a win against London Lynx, followed by some tight losses in the rest of the round robin. This took them in the play offs for 5th -7th finishing with a convincing win against our old rivals SideOut, finishing in 6th place.

Coach Ella Watson said: "Great to see the boys progressing, with many of them keen to sign up to more training and tournaments after the weekend!"

Congratulations to all our Junior U15 Boys for an outstanding weekend! We can’t wait to see what the next round brings!

Unfortunately we did not have enough girls available for our U15 Girls Team to compete in Round 2 of the Grand Prix (where these girls came home with a gold medal in Round 1). If you are interested in signing your daughter up to compete in the Indoor Grand Prix and weekly training please email us at info(@) We're looking forward to seeing our girls compete in Round 3 of the Grand Prix!


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