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So now you know what to expect when you get to Tour, but what about everything you need to do to be prepared for the Deep Dish Beach Tour and Grad/Club Tour?

Don’t worry, we know that if it’s not a step by step guide, it’s not happening… SO, we’ve made a list of top 10 to do's, to make sure you’re all fully prepared for Tour and Grad/Club Tour and make the most of the experience!

1. Book your flights ASAP

If you haven’t already, this is an urgent to do. Avoid having to spend an extra £100 on your flight just by procrastinating (which could be spent on the local cuisine and culture ;)).

Hop on skyscanner and find the best flight from wherever you’re based to Faro Airport, Portugal.

2. Join your week's WhatsApp Group

All your week's updates and information will go on there so make sure you're on it! You will have received the link via email or from your Tour Leader. Ask your Tour Leader if you do not have the link.

3. Secure your transfer to and from Faro Airport

You won't be able to take public transport from the airport to our strip of paradise, so it's best to book a transfer in advance to avoid a very expensive Taxi ride.

If your Tour Leader is not organising the transfer for your group, you can secure your transport from Faro Airport to Praia Da Rocha via our partner booking system!

4. Get packing

We've made you all a packing list to get you started. You can find our packing list here.

5. Secure some Travel Insurance

Although hopefully you won't need it, we recommend looking to get some travel insurance just in case. They can be quite cheap and will give you peace of mind!

6. Follow our socials for more regular updates

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more regular updates and fun content for Tour and Grad Tour.

Tour Instagram | @deepdishtour

Deep Dish Tiktok | @deepdishbeach

7. Pre-order the Deep Dish Portugal Vests/Sports Bras

If you want a little bit of extra drip, grab yourself our epic Portugal Vests or Portugal Sports Bra. These are ONLY AVAILABLE ON PRE-ORDER! You will not be able to buy these out in Portugal!

8. Follow our Tour Playlist on Spotify

Start getting into the Tour vibes with our very awesome and meticulously curated Spotify playlist that you can find here.

We are also open to *appropriate* song suggestions… slide in our dms if you have any must-include songs!

9. Secure a Wilson beach ball to practice with!

Deep Dish Beach Volleyball Tour is sponsored by Wilson Volleyball this year, and they've provided a discount code so you can all buy equipment to practice with before Tour, and for the rest of the summer!


You can secure the discount for an individual ball or a bulk purchase for your entire club!

10. Get some Portuguese practice in

It's not too late to bust out some Duolingo to impress the locals on arrival and order your lunch or drink with ease with some basic Portuguese. If you want a shortcut, we have outlined some Top phrases to get by in Portugal.

Get some rest and prepare yourself for an INCREDIBLE week in Portugal!

This is going to be an epic week out in Portugal with all your friends and teammates, so make sure you prepare yourself and get the most out of the experience. But make sure not to burn yourself out - take the time to take rests while you're out there, get your sleep, drink enough water and wear suncream (we've seen too many rough burns in previous years).

That's it for our To Do list! We hope this helps you get prepared for Tour a bit better, and we can't wait to see you out there!

Much love,

The Deep Dish Gang


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