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Meet Ella!

You’ve probably seen her bouncing balls in training and on tournament days- she’s incredibly hard working, brings a great energy to the club and some pretty goofy dances have already featured in our TikToks. We think Ella is pretty awesome, so we thought we’d write a blog about her.

Hello and welcome, to the latest segment of meet our community. This series provides a tiny snapshot of our community, allowing us to show off some awesome Deep Dish family members!

We’ve been lucky enough to grill Ella over at Deep Dish HQ. don’t worry, we were nice!

A bit of background

Ella has some experience behind her when it comes to volleyball, having played indoor volleyball for nine years and beach volleyball for around four.

Ella is a Crystal Palace regular all year round! Apparently immune to the cold, Ella trains twice-weekly as a part of our Women’s intermediate and advanced training group. She also regularly attends the Palace favourite ‘All You Can Beach’ on Saturdays and plays tournaments on the regular! Ella recently also joined us out on the sands of Gran Canaria for week 1 of our recent training camp, and then again in week 5!!

What’s your favourite thing about beach volleyball?

“As a middle, I love the fact that I get to pass 😂 and that everything comes with a side-order of banging tunes when with Deep Dish!”

(Our Deep Dish playlist-creation workforce particularly liked this answer… )

Why Deep Dish?

“The people and the atmosphere! Everyone is lovely and very welcoming. Along with great coaches and valuable training sessions, there are fun social sessions which usually end up in the pub which have led to me developing some lifelong friends!”

While we can take a little bit of credit for the awesome team of staff, and a couple of PERFECTLY curated playlists, it would be nothing without the awesome energy brought by our community. This lot train hard, whatever the weather, and do it with a smile on their face. They help us create a welcoming and fun training environment, which in turn, helps us build this fantastic volleyballing community

Our team take pride in helping players of all levels get better at the sport but we also hugely thrive off of the community feel and everyone feeling comfortable and enjoying all aspects of the Club.

Thank you Ella!

We love what we do here at Deep Dish, we love the fact that we can connect people over a shared passion and watch a community grow. We’re thankful for the awesome team of staff who share in that passion, and bring a great energy to our ever-growing family!

It is wonderful having people like Ella, firmly cemented as a Deep Dish family member. We hope that all of you can join us throughout the year and have the same experience with your beach volleyball family. Don’t be a stranger!


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