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We know during the winter it's tempting to stay home when the days get darker faster, or switch over to an indoor sport so we don't have to rally through cold toes or ears. However, we are strong advocates for playing outdoor sports winter-round, and we'll be out there every day rain or snow (unless it's absurdly bad weather), training and keeping the community active, so there's always space for you if you're keen to join!

winter beach volleyball at crystal palace

If you need a bit more convincing... here are 10 reasons to play beach volleyball during the winter:


Enjoy the crisp winter air and clear skies while getting some exercise in. Who wants to be in a sweaty gym when they can be outside in the fresh air.

2. Unique Challenge

Playing beach volleyball in colder weather adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game. Not many people want to do it, so challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and hit up a winter beach session! You'll feel very proud and accomplished that you did it!

3. Enhanced Endurance

The cooler temperatures can help boost your endurance as you work harder to stay warm and perform at your best. So if not for yourself, do it for the sake of your endurance for next season.

4. Stress Relief

We know people easily get the winter blues, and these days can get a bit dreary. Heading out to a winter beach session or any outdoor physical activity can help alleviate stress and beat those winter blues.

5. Social Interaction

Winter can be a lonely time with people choosing to stay at home more. Winter beach volleyball provides a perfect opportunity to bond with friends and meet new people! So grab your friend and drag them along with you.

6. Physical Fitness

Playing beach volleyball during the winter will help keep you physically fit, and is the perfect exercise for a fun way to get out of the house during the winter evenings.

7. Endorphin Release

Exercise releases endorphins, improving your mood and overall well-being, which is especially helpful during the darker, colder months. And being able to do it with friends... EVEN MORE endorphin release!

8. Improving Skills

Keeping your training going during the winter, as opposed to taking a 5 month break will be legendary for when you get back in season. This will set you ahead of all the competitors that didn't train. Consider it the most epic pre-season.

9. Hot drinks

No better excuse to drink a hot chocolate with marshmallows and extra whipped cream than having just done a training session or finished a tournament.

10. Winter Beach Community

Finally... probably the biggest reason to play during the winter, is to become part of a dedicated community of winter beach volleyball enthusiasts or people who just want to improve. This is where the community is truly built, you make new friends and create lasting memories.

Whether you're a seasoned beach volleyball player or new to the sport, consider taking the plunge and join us this winter for training or a tournament. It's a unique and rewarding experience to play beach volleyball during the winter, and a fantastic way to stay active, connect with others, and have fun while embracing the chillier season.

If you are keen to join one of our Deep Dish Winter sessions at our Crystal Palace Venue, have a look here at our offering for people of all ages and abilities!


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