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With The Sixes fast approaching, we thought we would give you all the lowdown on the rules of 6v6 beach volleyball! 6-a-side Beach Volleyball combines the physically demanding and defensively spectacular beach game, with the speed of indoor, making for a super fun game to play and watch! It’s too hot to be indoors anyway…

The basic rules of 6v6 beach volleyball are similar to those of indoor volleyball, with a few key differences. Here's a breakdown of the key rules to keep in mind:

the sixes: 6v6 beach volleyball tournament


Scoring in 6v6 beach volleyball is the same as indoor volleyball, with teams playing a best-of-three or best-of-five set match. Each set is played to 21 points, with a two-point lead required to win. If the match goes to a fifth set, the set is played to 15 points.


In 6v6 beach volleyball, players must rotate positions on the court (just as in indoor), in a clockwise direction, with the player in the back right-hand corner moving to serve. However, no starting rotation sheets are needed and no shirt numbers are needed for The Sixes. You are also allowed to make 3 substitutions per game.


Both beach and indoor styles of hand-setting are permitted, and open hand plays are permitted on the first pass and attack. Each team is allowed three touches to return the ball, and players can use any part of their body to hit the ball, including their hands, arms, legs, and feet.


Backcourt players are not allowed to spike the ball from above the net height, and the libero can hand set from anywhere on the court.


6v6 beach volleyball is played with six players on each team. In the Mixed division, there must always be a 50/50 gender split on court at all times. The court dimensions are beach court dimensions: 16 x 8 m

MOST IMPORTANTLY... It’s a social tournament, so make sure to have fun and keep within the spirit of the tournament!

These highly anticipated events will be sure to bring the vibes to Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and St Albans, for players of all skill levels, with booming tunes, fancy dress and incredible 6v6 beach volleyball vibes, there's something for everyone at The Sixes. We can't wait to see the action unfold and are excited to welcome players and fans alike to what promises to be an unforgettable tournament.

We are bringing indoor volleyball to the beach this summer, for an unparalleled weekend of sun, vibes and beach volleyball with your friends and teammates. We are hosting the UK's only 6v6 beach volleyball tournaments, with a Men's Division, a Women's Division and a Mixed Division... across 3 different venues, with a £1000 PRIZE POT PER CATEGORY! This one is not to be missed ;)

Questions or concerns? Shoot us an email at info(@)!

the sixes: 6v6 beach volleyball tournament


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