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The Team Deep Dish Update

If you have been following our boys, you might’ve seen that Freddie and Issa have been working away this preseason in locations such as Florida and Rio. The boys are now on route to the Gold Coast, Australia, for their first World Tour-stop of the season! We're are wishing them all the best from Deep Dish HQ as they embark on the start of the season...

BUT not before we catch up with Freddie and Issa on the stuff that really matters: Shower habits, room cleanliness, shoe collections and more!

But who's more likely to get a yellow/red card from the ref?

Team Deep Dish brings together like minded athletes who are aspiring to reach their highest level possible in beach volleyball, and are willing to push each other in order to do so. This concept has grown not only to help players fulfil their potential but also to mentor them through everyday challenges and provide them with opportunities to deliver amazing sessions, camps and events for the wider Deep Dish community. This is where we see a real team environment helping shape those involved to become good people as well as good players.

All of us here are extremely proud to have Freddie & Issa representing Team Deep Dish! They're great role models for the ever growing junior players at the club in Crystal Place, they do our club and this country proud and we can’t wait to see the team growth continue for years to come as they have the team sights set on Olympic and Commonwealth glory!

Go Team Deep Dish!


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