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3 weeks to go until it all kicks off and we are gearing up for an insane month in Portugal with over 2000 students from all over the UK, all abilities of beach, all different nationalities, but all one goal… to have an EPIC time on Tour!

In Praia Da Rocha, this marks our FOURTH year running Tour, and we have grown from having just one week of Tour with 160 students, to now running 5 weeks (including Grad Tour) and having around 500 students per week (wowza our social reps are going to be doing overtime!).

With Tour approaching very quickly we wanted to prepare you for what you can expect from Tour for those who have never been before (or those that arent’s coming and can get FOMO).

A little recap from last year to get the vibes going 🎉


Now hopefully you all know you need to book your own flights and transport to Praia Da Rocha, flying into Faro, Portugal.

Upon arrival you will check into your hotels, receive a food package from us and your goodie bags. You will then be able to explore the area or head down to the courts for some free play. In the evening we will heading over to a local club for welcome drinks.


Every morning you will have the option to head to training from 10AM - 12PM with one of our incredible coaches that run clinic-style sessions. Every day will have a different focus, whether that’s defense, offense, setting or serving. You’ll be sure to leave Tour having hit every skill you need to be an insane beach player.

You'll get taught by some of the baddest ballers around. The Commonwealth Games, World Pro Tour, King of the Court, AVP, The European Games, our coaches have a wealth of playing and coaching experience around the world!

Our groups are split by level, so you'll be training alongside people of a similar skillset!


Every afternoon we will be hosting a new and unique tournament format, from the beloved scramble tournament, mixed pairs, single gender pairs, ACE and more!

These tournaments are a must, with great prizes, bragging rights over hundreds of people and guaranteed incredible centre court vibes for the finals. You can grab an ice cream or a drink and lay back and enjoy some awesome beach volleyball (unless you’re in the finals!).

Tournaments are voluntary and you will have to sign up during lunch. If you’re not feeling it, feel free to take the afternoon to watch the tournament, go explore the other activities nearby (surfing, swimming, tennis etc.) or explore the local town.


If you want to take a day off or just chill out for an afternoon, we always have Spikeball sets on deck, corn hole, balls that you can free play with and more. Centre-court is also always busy in the afternoon, with great music, fun mini-competitions, coaches exhibition matches and way more.


You will be spending 4 nights in a lovely apartment (with a well equipped kitchen) with your choice of mates!

The hotels are a short walk from the beach courts, and make for a gorgeous beach walk to get to the courts. The apartments are all on the main strip, right next to loads of restaurants, supermarkets, shops and all the bars and clubs we will be hitting up.


We're looking forward to spending some time with you off the court as well as on. Therefore, each evening, the group will go out to bars and clubs in the local area, which make for some epic evenings.

Every night we have a different theme, and a new location on the Praia da Rocha strip - make sure you check out our Socials themes and show up to show out! It’s a crime not to go hard on your fancy dress!

From bar crawls to club nights and our beloved pool party, we have no doubt you'll have unforgettable nights here in Portugal!

Parties aren't compulsory, and if you're just here to ball, you can miss these out, no stress.


Much love,

The Deep Dish Gang


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