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Welcome back to the Deep Dish Coaches Tip, where some of our top coaches give you their tips and tricks to develop your beach volleyball performance on and off the court!

Today, Deep Dish CEO Jake Sheaf explains why we love and strongly encourage you hand set in beach volleyball! Have a look at the video below!

Here at Deep Dish we always encourage hand-setting. We think everybody can handset, and it just takes a bit of practice in order to really master it.

There are 2 main benefits to hand-setting:

1. You can run different types of sets.

We can speed things up, we can set backwards and can disguise it a lot more whilst we're hand-setting.

2. It becomes a lot easier to hit on two.

If you come in with your hands up high, you can fake out the opposition, and hit that ball on two.

We believe in you! Keep practicing and one day you'll be a hand-setting prodigy like Jake.

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