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For the first time in 6 years... we are launching a new Vacation destination... about time amirite!! You guys have been begging us for years, and we are finally ready to concede.

We spent years looking for the perfect destination to bring you guys to, as you may know we take our camps very seriously and only want to deliver you all the best product, in the best location for the best experience.

Therefore, we took everything into account, from prices and accessibility of accommodation, how much there is to do around the courts, local infrastructure, local food & drink scene, local sights, quality of the beach and so much more!

So we are so excited to announce our newest vacation, ticking all the boxes of what we would consider an EPIC beach volleyball vacation...

We are heading out to Valencia this year for 1 week from the 12th to 19th of October for the most epic summer blowout you can imagine... and we hope you will all join us!

We have a limited number of spaces we can take out to Valencia so make sure you're prepared, because we are almost certain it will sell out within the hour (we're expecting to rival Glastonbury & Coachella for fastest sell out times ;)) !

If this camp is a raging success and you all love it, consider Valencia added to our rotation of annual Deep Dish Vacations!

Entries for the Deep Dish Valencia Camp will open on July 2nd!

Hope to see you all there!!


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