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We are so happy to announce we've officially partnered with the charity Let's Keep The Ball Flying for our University Tour and Grad Tour in Portugal.

Let's Keep The Ball Flying is a charity that aims to connect the global volleyball family to support equal access to the power of volleyball for those communities that need it the most. LKTBF believes in building a world in which everybody, in every country, has an equal opportunity to play volleyball by setting up courts, providing kit, balls and training to communities in need.

Campers and Tourers will have the opportunity to donate to the charity throughout the event either in person or via our online fundraiser. We are running several camp incentives and activities such as our Ace Tournament, where participants can make a donation to support Let's Keep The Ball Flying.

The founder of Let's Keep The Ball Flying, Lesley de Jonge, has also joined us as a Coach on Tour, sharing his valuable coaching and expertise to our Tourers, representing LKTBF. Check out LKTBF's newest monthly update.

"We are thrilled to partner with Let's Keep The Ball Flying for our beach volleyball camp in Portugal," said Jake Sheaf, CEO of Deep Dish University Tour. "We believe that sports have the power to bring people together and make a positive impact on society, and Let's Keep The Ball Flying shares this belief. We are excited to work together to promote equal access to volleyball"

Keep an eye out for more collaborative projects with Let's Keep The Ball Flying kicking off very soon.


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