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Last week Deep Dish Junior Tomo, joined the Deep Dish Team for a two week placement to experience the inner workings of Deep Dish Beach. We got Tomo involved with assistant coaching sessions down at Crystal Palace, supporting our Crystal Palace team with admin and maintenance of the venue.

Check out Tomo's thoughts on his time at Deep Dish Crystal Palace.

"I’d love to come to Deep Dish and work again but hopefully as an actual job rather than just work experience."
Tomo doing a placement at Deep Dish Beach

What were your highlights from your two weeks of work experience?

One of my highlights from the first week was my first experience of coaching other players. I found it really interesting coaching a varying group of ages and levels and seeing how the method of coaching differentiates from each other group of players. I particularly enjoyed coaching the mens session as when there were odd numbers I was able to join in and play. During the second week of my work experience my favourite part had to be the Deep Dish staff meeting. This gave me a deep and detailed insight into what happens behind the scenes at Deep Dish and how it is run.

What are some things you’ve learnt throughout your time working at Deep Dish?

One thing I was surprised to learn about was how much organisation is required to run weekly training sessions and tournaments. I’ve never imagined the amount of work and spreadsheeting actually needed for the club to run smoothly and efficiently.

What are some of the aspects of your work experience you would like to learn more about?

One thing I'd like to do more of and learn about is coaching. This is because I think that coaching would help me develop my skill and overall ability as a player by giving me a deeper understanding of beach volleyball so I’d hopefully be able to improve my skills as a player. Additionally, I want to get my level one coaching certification so this first experience was a helpful head start.

Would you come back to work at Deep Dish?

I’d love to come to Deep Dish and work again but hopefully as an actual job rather than just work experience.

Tomo in a meeting during his placement at Deep Dish Beach


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