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We are excited to announce that Dish Dish have been selected to host the highly anticipated BUCS Beach Volleyball Tournament. Taking place on June 8th - 9th, this prestigious event will bring together the UK’s top university beach volleyball teams for an intense and thrilling competition, with Men’s and Women’s Championship, Trophy and Shield events.

bucs beach volleyball tournament, players playing

The hosting of the 2023 BUCS Beach Volleyball tournament reflects our commitment to deliver high quality opportunities for students around the UK to play beach volleyball, provide memorable experiences for university students and advance the growth of the sport nation-wide.

Jake Sheaf, CEO of Deep Dish says:

“We are thrilled to host the 2023 BUCS Beach Volleyball tournament in Bournemouth. Continuing to host incredible events for university students in the UK is an honor for us. At Deep Dish, we believe in the power of sports to inspire excellence and community. Hosting the BUCS tournament allows us to contribute to the development of young athletes, both on and off the court, and the growth of our beach volleyball community.”

“We look forward to welcoming top university teams from across the country, fostering an atmosphere of passion, camaraderie, and fierce competition,” Sheaf added. “This event highlights the talent of these athletes and reinforces our mission of promoting beach volleyball as an inclusive and exciting sport for all.”

The tournament will feature thrilling matches as university teams compete fiercely for the Championship, Trophy and Shied titles. We hope to see as many of the UK’s university volleyball players at BUCS this year.


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