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Fuel For Your Fight! - Part 1

Author: Chris Gregory

Hey Deep Dishers….while we’ve been having a strange year from life in lockdown to getting slowly back into the sport we so love…what better time to reflect, re-calibrate, and make some gains in the areas we can to help us on our return to beach volleyball ….one of those being, our nutrition…!

Not only can it help us on the court, but also in life, day-to-day, as we feel happier and healthier in current times..!...Especially at a time where our health is arguably more important than ever!

Nutrition, a topic that has always been a complex minefield of information for us to decipher. As an individual searching for an answer, we can be influenced by what’s online, talking to a friend or someone we meet about what works for them, trying a diet that lasts a few weeks…and so on.

Before we begin, it’s important to know…finding our optimum nutrition, is incredibly personal. What works really well for one person, may have the complete opposite effect for someone else! BUT!...Here we’re going to look as some basic, personal fundamentals (with some maths) that are often forgotten about or overlooked, but can really make a difference come game day!...

First – Some Personal Stats!

Let’s quickly dive into some maths and get a quick understanding of how much YOU need!

(I’m going to use my own numbers as an example in blue)

Step 1

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): What is it? Your BMR is a calculation of the calories you burn at

rest. Essentially calories needed and used to just exist. To work this out, simply do as


Women: (Weight in KG’s) x 22 = BMR

Men: (Weight in KG’s) x 24 = BMR

(100kg’s) x 24 = 2400

Step 2

Select your Physical Activity Level (PAL) : How active are you during the week?

  • 1.2 = Mostly Inactive

  • 1.3 = Fairly Active: Walking/Exercise 1-2 x / Week

  • 1.4 = Moderately Active: 2-3 x / Week

  • 1.5 = Active: Intense Training 3 x / Week

  • 1.7 = Daily Exercise/Training

Step 3

To work out the calories YOU need each day, simply do as follows:

(BMR) x (PAL) = Daily Calorie Needs

(During a regular training week): 1.7 x 2400 = 4080

So you have this figure. It’s the figure needed per day, relevant to your activity level, that will fuel you sufficiently, recover you sufficiently, and maintain your weight. However, as we know, the quality of the source of your calories combined with your unique genetic makeup, is what will determine how you feel, and how effectively you can do this.

Now what do you do with this number? Personally, I’m not one for rigorous counting of calories, and you really don’t (and in my opinion shouldn’t) have to monitor and count to the single calorie. Like anything, if you want to get good at it, its takes practice. Spend a little time, effort and patience using something like ‘My Fitness Pal’ initially to track your intake, which will give you an idea of how little, or how much more you might be consuming compared to the figure you’ve just arrived at!

Have a go at tracking your calorie intake for a few days and in part 2 we will discuss types of food and some examples of what you should be eating!

Big love

Chris x


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