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Fuel For Your Fight! - Part 2

Author: Chris Gregory

So if you haven't read part 1 then this won't make any sense. So head over to part 1 and have a quick read.

Lets just dive straight into this. You’ve got this figure. So what calories should be made up of

protein, which of carbs…etc..

(I’m going to use my own numbers as an example in blue)


  • 1g Carb = 4 calories

  • 1g Protein = 4 calories

  • 1g Fat = 9 calories


So, when active during the week. You should be consuming around 2g’s of protein per KG of body weight.

  • 100kg’s x 2 = 200g’s of Protein per Day

  • 200 x 4 = 800 calories


Between 20%-30% of your caloric intake should come from fat depending on your goals. So

for this, we will calculate fat intake at 25%

  • 0.25 x 4080 = 1020 calories

Note: Generally, women require a slightly higher percentage of fat than men. Men can

afford to have a lower percentage closer to 15-20%. Healthy fats promote healthy hormone



That leaves the all-important Carbs

  • Protein Calories (800) + Fat Calories (1020) = 1820

  • 4080 – (1820) = 2260 calories


Divided by 4 = Carbs 2260 = (565g’s) 55.4%

Divided by 4 = Protein 800 = (200g’s) 19.6%

Divided by 9 = Fat 1020 = (113g’s) 25%

So by now you’ve got an individual idea of how much you really need, and in what ratios.

Best place to start is ‘do what you normally do’, and use ‘My Fitness Pal’ to see how your

current habits compare to your requirements. Then work on gradually changing things from


Where to get your calories from….!?

Now this is where its gets even more personal. There’s a common misconception that carbs

are the devil! Depending on where you get them from, and what your body runs well off,

this can be true. Otherwise, carbs are king! You just need to get them within the ratio

you’ve just discovered, and from great sources. A handful of them that work well (FOR

SOME) are:

  • Porridge Oats

  • Sweet Potato

  • Lentils

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit (Great option before games and early in the day.Mix in with some 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt and Protein Powder in the morning)

  • Rice (Especially On Game Day)

  • Danish Rye Bread (High Fibre & Protein)

  • Oat Cakes

Take a look at the glycaemic index. This is an indication of how quickly carbs from certain

foods will enter the blood stream as glucose, causing sharp spikes and come-downs in blood

sugar, or gradual inclines in blood sugar! Carbohydrates = fuel stored in your muscles as energy, called glycogen. Get your fuel stores up in preparation for physical activity/game day!

Hope all your UKBT ballers found this helpful. Any questions feel free to drop me a message on Instagram @GBRChrisGregory – see you on or near the sand soon!

Big Love

Chris x


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