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We are now half way through our London Kids Summer Camps and have had an incredible time so far! You can find some of our highlights below, and a recap of our first few weeks!

We are currently on week 4 of our Fun Camps, and have been having a blast so far! We've sold out every single day of our Fun Camps, with 50 kids each day, and over 350 kids all participating in fun beach sports, beach volleyball, arts & crafts, puzzles and so many more fun activities!

We've watched the kids learn beach volleyball, make new friends, eat some of the yummiest looking snacks, perform in talent shows, and grow into confident kids running around our urban beach!

"Time flies when you are having fun". This is how I would describe the past 3 weeks. I can't believe we are already half way through. With an exceptional team of coaches, we are enjoying every single moment of our Fun camps. Playing sports like Dodgeball, Football, Basketball, Crossnet and of course Beach Volleyball, but also fun games like parachute, noodle tag, relays, Shark Attack.

There is also some quiet time to play with Lego, Connect 4, do word searches, crosswords, Hamma beads, colouring and Origami. Oh, wait, I almost forgot our Talent Show on Fridays. We had some kids coming every day but so pleased to see a lot of new faces 😊 I wish it could be Holiday Fun camps all year around :)

- Marc Garcia, Head Coach at Deep Dish Fun Camps

London kids summer camp group photo

Make sure to book into our final weeks soon as we tend to fill up quickly!

Much love,

The Deep Dish Family


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