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We've finally made it to our Portugal Journey! Over the course of a month and a half, we're running 4 weeks of University Tour, a Grad Tour weekend, and 2 weeks of our Portugal Beach Volleyball Camp.

We kicked everything off with a week of set up for our incredible beach volleyball camps, getting up 40 beach volleyball courts, 6 gazebos, an incredible centre court on the beautiful beach of Praia Da Rocha!

Our centre court vibes this past week

This year our Tour is an epic monster. With 2000 students, from 60 different UK Universities, joining us across 4 Tours, we have doubled the amount of tourers from last year (and are starting to max out the hotels in the area)!

We've already finished up weeks 1, 2 & 3, and are welcoming Week 4 Tourers now! We've already had 9 training sessions, 9 unique tournament formats, 12 banging socials, 1500 amazing tourers, 16 coaches, 10 reps and the main men Jake and Tom to make it all happen. We can't wait for more to come and look forward to seeing all the tourers again next year already ;)

University students group photo on our beach volleyball camp

This year we're launching a new Tour format: Grad Tour. This Tour is aimed at students who have graduated but are keen to reunite with their uni friends or just go on an amazing beach volleyball vacation. Grad Tour is 4 days over a weekend (to accommodate the working lot ;)), and this year we are repping a group of almost 100 tourers!

Centre court of our beach volleyball camp

This year on our Portugal Camps we are taking things to the next level. With an insane 40 court set up, and doubling since last year, we have introduced a second week of camp, and are welcoming around 350 campers in paradise. Bring on Portugal Camp 2023!

Campers playing beach volleyball

We're really looking forward to our last Tour group, our Grad Tour and the two Portugal Camps! If you want to stay updated with content and future competitions, or to get ahead of the curve to join us next year... give us a follow below!

Much love,

The Deep Dish Squad


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