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Don’t worry we know you're all busy! If it’s not a step by step guide, it's not worth it… SO, we’ve made a list of top 10 things to do, so you're fully prepared for Portugal Camp and make the most of your experience!

1. Book your flights & transfer ASAP

If you haven’t already, this is an urgent to do. Avoid having to spend an extra £100 on your flight just by procrastinating (which could be spent on the local cuisine and culture ;)). Hop on skyscanner and find the best flight from wherever you’re based to Faro Airport, Portugal. Make sure to also book a transfer from the Airport to Praia Da Rocha - feel free to use our Google Sheet if you'd like to share!

2. Download our Info Pack

All the detailed info you might want or need about Portugal Camp can be found in our Info Pack below.

Portugal 2023 Final Info Pack
Download PDF • 11.93MB

3. Get packing - here's a lil packing list to get you started

Now we won’t tell you what to pack, but that’s actually exactly what we’re going to do, for those of you that have never played beach volleyball before or aren't sure what to pack:

  • Volleyball kit - you’ll most likely spend most of the day in your volleyball gear or swim wear that you can play beach in

  • Bathing suits- the ocean is a bit choppy, but every hotel has a pool

  • White outfit - we are hosting a fancy dress party where the theme is all white

  • Appropriate footwear - one pair of flip-flops/crocs/birks and one pair of sneakers will do you perfect

  • Sweater + jacket - although we are expecting glorious weather, it may get a big chilly in the evenings and can SOMETIMES rain

  • Other staples and basics that you need like toiletries, chargers, passport etc

4. Secure some Travel Insurance

Although you hopefully won't need it, we recommend looking to get some travel insurance just in case. They can be quite cheap and will give you peace of mind!

5. Follow our socials for more regular updates

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more regular updates and fun content for Tour and Grad Tour.

Deep Dish Vacations Instagram | @deepdishvacations

Deep Dish Instagram | @deepdishbeach

Deep Dish Tiktok | @deepdishbeach

6. Join your week's whatsapp group

Make sure you've joined the whatsapp group for your week - the link should be sent to you via email. This is where we will announce vital updates and announcements on the camp!

7. Sign up for some pre-camp training

If you’re keen to get some pre-camp training in so you can show off your skills when you rock up in Portugal, we have tons of training sessions and tournaments between now and then for you to get your practice in, all based in Crystal Palace, London and Bournemouth.

Have a look at our website whether you want to join Training, or Tournaments.

8. Follow our Portugal Playlist on Spotify

Start getting into the Camp vibes with our very awesome and meticulously curated Spotify playlist that you can find here.

9. Plan your key training focus areas

We have some incredible world-class coaches joining us and running the sessions, and a way you can get the most out of the trainings is by having a think of key areas of improvement for you or things you would like support on from the coaches. It will be an intense week of training and learning a lot so these key training focus areas can accelerate your progress in just a week!

1o. Get some rest and prepare yourself for an INCREDIBLE week in Portugal!

This is going to be an epic week out in Portugal with all your teammates, old friends and new, so make sure you prepare yourself and get the most out of the experience. But make sure not to burn yourself out - take the time to get rest while you're out there, get your sleep, drink enough water and wear suncream (we've seen too many rough burns in previous years).

That's it for our To Do list! We hope this helps you get prepared for Portugal Camp a bit better, and we can't wait to see you out there!

Much love,

The Deep Dish Gang


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